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Who is Nicole DeGuzman?nicole deguzman


I’ve been a book nerd since I can remember. It started with my father reading me eerie picture books and me writing my first children’s book. It was about a bubble.

I earned my master’s in English, focusing on writing, teaching, and criticism, in the summer of 2017 (finally!). In the midst of other scribblings, I’m also waist-deep in revision of a young adult novel. (Querying soon?!)


I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of science of education (BSE) degree in English with a concentration in film studies and, after a hellish six weeks of subbing, began my teaching career at a city charter school. Now I teach at a cyber charter school.

Yes, I teach high school English students completely online. No, I don’t miss signing hall passes.


Besides all things bookish, my other first love was riding horses. My main discipline is saddle seat, and I once thought I’d even go pro. But then I decided I love it too much to make it a career.


Other affinities include

  • photographing stuff (Instagram, anyone?)
  • baking / cooking recipes from Pinterest (follow me!)
  • movies and pop culture
  • fresh air, hiking, looking at trees
  • winging my eyeliner
  • running around Philly
  • napping

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